The BADT membership arises according to the Law on the Professional Organization of the Nurses and the Associated Medical Specialists, of the Dental Technicians and Assistant Pharmacists:

Art. 3.
(1) The Dental Technicians who exercise their profession, are members of the respective professional organization
(2) Membership of the dental technicians who do not exercise their profession, is voluntary.

Art. 4.
Every dental technician may practice his/her profession, if entered in the register of the respective
college in the territory where he/she practices.

Membership card

The membership card contains the full name of the regular BADT member and the Universal Identification Number.

The UIN code is made up of 10 (ten) digits and is as follows:

  • 24 – the code of the region according to the administrative division from 01 to 28
  • 18 – the code of the populated place or of the municipality where the Independent Medical and Technical Laboratory is based
  • 19 – the year of filing the application for registration
  • 0569 – consecutive number of application submission.

Furthermore, a membership card has also a QR – a code which opens the personal page of a dental technician in the national register, where further to the name and UIN code, one can see whether the colleague is regular and may practice.

Membership fee

The membership fee, passed by the BADT Congress, is at the rate of 2% per month of the minimum wage for the country, and is paid by the end of March of the current year. For 2020 it has been 146,40 BGN, calculated on 610 BGN.

Due to the situation created by Covid-19, the National Council has made a decision to reduce the membership fee by deducting the three months of state of emergency. Thus it amounts to 109,80 BGN.


The completed application, together with a copy of the higher education diploma in dental technology, should be submitted to the regional chairman of the respective college, in whose territory the dental technician is going to practice.

Moreover, at a change in the circumstances – temporary or reduced working capacity, pregnancy, moving to another regional college, cessation of practicing the profession, etc. – the dental technician must inform his/her regional chairman.

Preferential conditions for BADT members

  • dental dealers
  • banks
  • law office – legal consultations
  • accounting consultations
  • mobile operators
  • sports club card