BADT Organizational Structure


According to Art. 6. of the Articles of Association, the bodies of the Bulgarian Association of Dental Technicians (BADT) at national level are:

  • Congress
  • National Council (NC)
  • Management Board (MB)
  • Control Commission (CC)
  • Committee on Professional Ethics (CPE)
  • National Quality Council (NQC)


The Congress is the supreme body of the professional organization and it consists of representatives of the regional colleges elected by the general meetings on a quota basis.

National Council

The BADT National Council consists of the BOD members and the chairmen of the regional colleges, of the Control Commission, the Committee on Professional Ethics, and the National Quality Council.

The National Council makes decisions on operational issues related to the functions assigned to the professional organization.

Management Board

It consists of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Chief Secretary, and Members.

Control Commission

It consists of a chairman, a deputy chairman, and five members.

It monitors the legitimacy and advisability of the decisions adopted by the Management Board, and their implementation

Committee on Professional Ethics

It consists of a chairman, a deputy chairman, and five members.

The Committee rules on matters related to professional, medical, moral, ethical and deontological norms.

National Quality Council

It consists of a chairman, a deputy chairman, and five members.

Regional Colleges (RC)

These are the territorial bodies of the BADT, which are legal entities with registered offices and territorial scope of their activities as set forth in the Law, and each of them has the following bodies:

  1. General Meeting (GM)
  2. Management Board (MB)
  3. Control Commission (CC)
  4. Committee on Professional Ethics (CPE)

Management Board

Chairman: Ivan Burdzhev

Chief Secretary: Stoyan Kotev

Deputy Chairmen: Svetlan Velev and Vladimir Kehayov


  1. Biser Dimitrov
  2. Dimitar Sheremetski
  3. Georgi Kolev
  4. Georgi Radulov
  5. Ivan Dimchev
  6. Plamen Atanasov
  7. Stoyan Hristov
  8. Svetlozar Atanasov
  9. Vesislav Tsvetanov

Member of the Supreme Medical Council with the Ministry of Health – Georgi Dulev