First national convention in the town of Koprivshtitsa

Following a water sanctification on the occasion of the patron saint’s day – Saint Nikolay’a day – of the dental technicians, the flag of the first society of the dental technicians established in 1911, donated to the association by Dr. Petar Bonev, was consecrated. On the next day in the cultural club of Koprivshtitsa was […]


Opening of the Sofia central office

At the opening of the Sofia central office, located at 39, Bacho Kiro St., were present members of the regional colleges. The office has a representative function of the association, its location has also other symbolics – the building was the house of one of the first diplomaed dentists, Dr. Elmazov. The office is shared […]


First National Council, city of Gabrovo

The First National Council, city of Gabrovo, was held in the conference hall of hotel Balkan. In the extended meeting of the national council, in which also the members of commissions took part, the chairman Ivan Burdzhev outlined the main goals and tasks for the association. A plan and deadlines for registration of the regional […]


Учредителен конгрес на БАЗ

Constituent congress of the BADT

The BADT Constituent congress took place in the ceremonial hall of Saint Ekaterina hospital. Representatives of the Ministry of Health were present. The congress was presided over by the Deputy Minister Boyko Penkov. There were participants in the congress from all parts of the regional colleges, a total of 148 delegate from all over the […]


Publication in the State Gazette on the establishment of the association in the Law on the Professional Organization of the Nurses and the Associated Medical Specialists, of the Dental Technicians and Assistant Pharmacists

After many years a possibility has been created for the establishment of a professional organization of the Bulgarian Association of Dental Technicians (BADT) by regulation in the LPONAMSDTAP, published in the State Gazette. Dental technology has entered the group of regulated professions.


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